Clipping path service!

what is clipping path?


A clipping path is essentially a vector path that defines what part of the image is visible and what part is transparent.Typically a path is created around an object that you want to silhouette.


what is the purpose of clipping path?


Clipping Path allows you to create a shape or a close vector path and cut out a portion of an image using the Pen Tool. This is a great way from removing background from an image. You can also use the Clipping path to crop out a portion of an image or change only a small region in the image.


now let’s talk about ”How to create a clipping path in photoshop?”There are some steps you should follow in order to create a clipping path..


1.Launch Photoshop & Upload your Image
2.Select Pen Tool from Main Toolbar
3.Start Drawing the Exact Shape of your Image
4.Go to Layer Panel & Save Path
5.Save as Photoshop EPS from File Menu
6.Click Twice on Add Layer Mask from Layer Panel here is a difference between clipping path and masking. Let’s talk about that…


Image result for what is clipping path photoshop Clipping path uses a pen tool to create paths around the object that you want to remove. Photoshop image masking uses a background eraser tool, a magic eraser tool, and color separation for background removal.


What is basic clipping path?


Basic clipping Path is a procedure of image manipulation. The primary objective of clipping path is to remove the undeserving background of an image or to extract an image from an imperfect background but there are other purposes for which clipping path is applied.